Miss B Jarvis

B Jarvis

I joined the school from Australia as an overseas-trained Teacher of Humanities. Hayes is a fantastic school with ambitious and confident students who are willing to learn and constantly trying to better themselves and the people around them. Staff are highly motivated and committed to excellence in teaching and are always willing to support each other.
What attracted me to working at Hayes is the supportive staff community. The teachers are all very encouraging and supportive of each other, always willing to give a helping hand or offer advice. I have built lifelong friendships with many of the staff here at Hayes and the opportunities for staff collaboration have allowed me to grow as a teacher. To have this support, especially as a teacher coming from overseas, has been invaluable and has helped me to feel valued as a member of staff.
I have developed many positive relationships with the students across a range of subjects such as Geography, History and Religious Studies. I have had the opportunity to build on many of these relationships going into my second year of teaching at Hayes and it has been wonderful to watch the students grow into confident individuals.

I have welcomed the many opportunities for training to further my development as a teacher. It has been wonderful to have such a wealth of opportunities available to help familiarise myself with the UK curriculum. The tailored CPD programme means I can choose what aspects to focus on in order to enhance my skills. I have also had the opportunity to travel with the students on school trips to the Somme battlefields and to Brussels, getting to know the students outside of the classroom and watching them bring that knowledge back into the classroom.