Mr C Moore


I have really enjoyed my time at Hayes. The ethos of the school and approach to teaching and learning really appealed to me when initially applying for a PE teaching position. When I first visited the school I really got the sense that PE was valued and was impressed with the sense of “community” that was apparent when walking around. Staff at Hayes feel valued, empowered and supported both through the line management structure and the recognition of teaching demands through the Staff Wellbeing Committee.

Hayes has a fantastic reputation, locally, nationally and internationally. Hayes students are engaged, independent learners who apply themselves well in lessons. This is no more so evident than in PE lessons. My department teach a broad and balanced curriculum where students have the ability to excel and achieve, not just in the physical capacity but also through cognitive development and understanding. The introduction of American Football, Archery and Squash clubs enable those students who do not regularly participate in clubs to develop their skills set through alternative enrichment opportunities. We are also grateful for the support given by teachers outside of the department in taking sports fixtures and training sessions, another example of how we work together to produce positive outcomes and provide opportunities for students.

One of the real strengths of the school are the support mechanisms and development opportunities that are available to staff. I never would have thought that in the space of five years I would be Head of PE, Lead Teacher, a fully accredited Specialist Leader of Education, Lead Subject Mentor for Bromley Schools’ Collegiate and an experienced coach. I really feel that the opportunities provided to me show the school’s willingness to develop staff outside of their own subject areas. These opportunities have allowed me to develop my practice above and beyond what I thought was possible.

I would strongly recommend the school to prospective teachers. “Excellence through Endeavour” is not just a motto confined to the badge of the school. It is embedded and underpins our everyday teaching approach, allowing teachers and students to strive to be the best that they can be, both inside and outside of the classroom.