Mr D Douglas

dadThis is my sixth teaching year at Hayes School and I am still as amazed and as humbled to work here as I was on my first day. The school has a fantastic reputation and to be part of that is something I never take for granted.

The reason for this reputation comes from the inside; staff are unbelievably dedicated to their jobs; their subject knowledge is second to none as is their commitment to allowing students to develop into well-rounded individuals. This means that students leave Hayes with the best possible chance of future success and happiness in their personal and professional lives.

I am very happy here because the students always want to learn. I get to share my passion for both teaching and for my subject and they respond to this brilliantly. There is never a dull moment as there is always so much excitement and enthusiasm from the students (thinking about it, that goes for me too!).

When I look back at my time at Hayes so far, it’s very rewarding to see how I’ve progressed professionally. Every year I have been encouraged to, and have taken on responsibilities that I never thought I could do when I began teaching here. I am Second in Charge of my department, running two of our Media courses. I am an ACTIVE Co-ordinator for futures and careers education and have additionally organised and been on school trips and visits to New York, Ecuador and the French Alps – it’s a very long list and it makes me very happy to think what I have achieved here so far.

Training and improvement never stops at Hayes which is another reason why it is a great and progressive place to work. Lesson Study, in which I work collaboratively with two other teachers in different departments, allows us all to help each other on an area of teaching of our choice. It’s such an effective tool and allows all staff to take charge of their own professional development. I have completed both the ‘Improving Teacher Programme’ and more recently the ‘Outstanding Teacher Programme’, again this indicates the encouraging and progressive nature of training at Hayes School.

I feel blessed and lucky to be able to do what I love in a workplace like this. Long may it continue.