Mrs A Horsler


I really enjoy working at Hayes and I have found that in the five years I have worked here I have really pushed myself to be the best teacher and leader I can be. Everyone is very committed and enthusiastic and there is a lot of support if you need it. There is a vast CPD calendar that staff are offered and it is awesome to assess your own needs and then go to the relevant courses to address these.

One of the key highlights of the school has to be the students. They are incredibly dedicated and hardworking and are always pushing themselves to do their best. It is always very rewarding to see the progression of students and the enjoyment they take in your lessons. They are polite, friendly, willing to learn, quick witted and make me happy to go to work on a Monday!

Besides the obvious reasons, one of the highlights of working at Hayes is celebrating the other departments. I have never worked in a school with a more creative and impressive Drama department; a few years ago they staged Les Misérables, a production which would have given the West End a run for its money (I brought my whole family to watch it). I am blown away by the creativeness and achievements displayed in the end of year exhibitions in the Art, Design and Technology Departments. During Science week you get to see chickens hatch and rockets being launched. Sport at the school is also on another level and you can watch or be involved in whatever sport your heart desires. We currently have the best Rugby team ever and watching them is exciting and invigorating!

I have already mentioned the opportunities for staff in helping out with clubs but there are a lot of other aspects to get involved in. Last year I was part of the coaching programme and not only was I able to improve the way I run my department, but also knew I was equipped with the tools to do so. There are also many school trips and exciting international opportunities available. 

Hayes School is the kind of school you wished you could have attended as a child. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!