Mrs J Fishwick

J Fishwick

After 13 years I am very happy to be back at the school where I started my teaching career. There are still familiar faces (always a good sign to see valued staff have remained at a school) and many new (mainly younger!) faces who make up a varied, committed and vibrant teaching and support staff. I have returned as a job-share teacher of Geography which I enjoy, and feel the school fully supports its part-time members of staff. Training opportunities are repeated on different nights of the week to provide the opportunity for as many staff to attend as possible. The CPD programme is excellent with staff being able to select the opportunities most suited to their stage of career and specific needs and interests.  

My prior experience at SLT level in an inner London school is valued, used and developed. I feel I can give an informed and honest opinion of how leadership decisions impact on classroom teachers and ensure any new initiatives and polices are having an impact at grassroots level. Feedback is asked for, and acted upon, on a very regular basis, and all the leadership team are very approachable. It is great how all staff and students are regularly thanked and recognised for all the work they do.

Academic success is central to the vision and aims of the school, but this is not at the detriment of the absolute commitment of the development of the whole child. The pastoral support, the Active (PSHE) curriculum and the extra-curricular opportunities are truly outstanding.

The Geography department and wider Humanities department are very supportive of each other with a great team of staff who really enjoy spending time together within and outside of school.

Geography is a popular subject taught by a team of enthusiastic and creative teachers. Students enjoy the lessons and the varied approaches to teaching and learning within the curriculum they experience.  Field trips enhance the learning outside the classroom and provide an opportunity for students to really appreciate the country and world beyond the local area. The international links and opportunities for staff and students to visit other countries are very varied and provide amazing experiences for all those involved.

Hayes is a true community school which everyone is proud to be part of. I feel very much a valued member of a vibrant team working here.