Mrs K Juji

K Murtagh

I am now in my sixth year of working at Hayes and still enjoy it as much as I did when I joined. The ethos of the school stood out to me before working here and since joining, I have had many opportunities to develop my teaching and leadership skills. I feel lucky to work with colleagues who are supportive, uncompromising in their aspirations of students, and passionate. You really feel part of a team with the same goals and will always find support if you need it. The coaching programme for staff is just one example of this.

Hayes School would not be what it is without the students we have. They are kind, hardworking and curious to learn about the world. They make the most of the array of extra-curricular opportunities on offer to them and take on leadership roles right from Year 7. The achievements of both students and staff are endless and I am proud to be a part of Hayes School.