Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

We both believe passionately that Hayes is a school that cares about students as well rounded individuals and more than grades on a page. Students are offered a wide variety of opportunities both in the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, which help to develop mature, proactive, resilient young adults ready to take their next steps. All areas of school life are catered for and given value, allowing each student to thrive.

Hayes school operates in a professional environment where students allow each other to learn by following the six Hayes Habits which contribute to the Hayes Way. Teachers excel in their chosen fields and encourage students to develop their interest in the subject. Students feel comfortable when asking for help as the school creates an ethos where the only way to reach success is to make mistakes.

Our team vision is to “enhance the Hayes experience through community integration”. Through this vision we hope to reform the school’s House System to develop cross-year group opportunities. We have a fantastic team to carry this forward will actively engage with the wider school to create a vision that works for everybody. Thanks to a fantastic legacy left by the former Head Boy and Girl we will continue their hard work towards the Equalities Award.

Sebastian Crisp, Head Boy
Katie Bacon, Head Girl