Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

We are both proud to be Hayes students. Throughout our time at Hayes we have been given endless opportunities to thrive whether it be through the wide range of extra-curricular activities or the outstanding teaching and support.

One of the most special things about Hayes is the way it works for so many different types of student. Regardless of your interests, the teachers and students have created an environment where students can excel doing what they love. We feel extremely privileged to have been part of this and as we embark on our next steps we will look back on our time at Hayes with fondness.

Both of us believe that every student should be able to do what they love and not be put off because they don’t believe that people like them can or should. Our team vision focuses on community cohesion. We want the school to become more integrated across the year groups. We hope that this will allow for more leadership opportunities across the school and create role models that students can look up to. We believe this will enable students in the lower years to aspire to great things and not hold back from doing what they love. We intend to do this is through continuing the work that last year’s team began on reinventing our house system.

Karl Farah, Head Boy
Edie Nelson, Head Girl