Welcome from our Head Prefects

Ben and Hannah

We are Hannah McDonald and Ben Martin and we are really delighted to be your Head Prefects for the remainder of this year.

My name is Hannah and I have been at Hayes since Year 7. Having experienced the past six years here, the support and opportunities that I’ve received have enabled me to reach my maximum potential, and I wish to give back all that Hayes has done for me. I’m so excited to have been given the opportunity to represent such a great school with such a strong community ethos. As Head Prefect, I aspire to act not only as a role model for students, but to be as approachable as possible and ensure that each and every student feels welcomed and valued within the Hayes community.

My name’s Ben Martin and having started my journey here at Hayes all the way back in Year 7, it's a great honour to finish my final year as Head Prefect. When I was at the bottom end of the school in Year 7 I struggled to find my footing, who I was and where I fitted in - and I know that this wasn't just unique to myself but to the majority of new students. It's a scary new world where everything seems very foreign. Yet, I remember the Head Boy at the time and the encouraging role model that he was. I applied for the role of Head Prefect with the hopes to be that same role model for all students, to support them in all their difficulties and struggles.

Over this academic year, we’re really looking forward to working alongside our Senior Prefect team, as we aim to work closely with all students to promote an environment built on encouragement and inclusivity, where all can flourish. Together, we aspire to be a support network for every student in the school whether they be a Year 7, a Year 13, or any year in between. We're not a body that is any more important than any other students; we're no different either. We just have the tools to make every voice heard and to make a difference in our school ... and that's what we're set on doing!

Hannah McDonald and Ben Martin, Head Prefects