Welcome from Head Boy and Head Girl

We’re both extremely pleased to be the Head Boy and Head Girl of Hayes as we are proud to be Hayes Students. We’ve been at Hayes for seven years and have both really enjoyed our time here. Our goal is to share this opinion with the entire school.

Hayes has a wide range of opportunities to further yourself academically, but it also gives you the necessary life lessons to expand your understanding of society. There are a multitude of school trips afforded to us which allow students to explore parts of the world they potentially wouldn’t encounter. Extracurricular activities at Hayes are important by providing for a wide range of interests. These activities help students become more interesting individuals and connect with people of similar interests. Personally, both of us have benefitted from getting involved in everything Hayes has to offer.

As Head Boy and Head Girl we would love to make a change to Hayes School that positively impacts current and future students. We value the importance of having good mental health support at School and are prepared to prioritise this as part of our legacy project. We also want individual students to have a say in their school life and exact change that they wish to bring about. The previous Head Boy and Girl have been successful at improving the House system. We would like to continue their focus on community cohesion by encouraging more friendly competitions between the Houses. By doing this, we intend on improving the community integration of students across different years, cultures and background.

Callum Jefferies, Head Boy
Amanda Akhuemokhan, Head Girl