In-school testing

To support public health efforts during the return to school in January 2021, secondary schools in England are being offered access to additional coronavirus (COVID-19) testing to help deliver the national priority of keeping as many pupils and teachers as possible in school beyond the start of term, minimising the spread of the virus and disruption caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) cases arising in education settings.

Secondary-age pupils are being prioritised for testing in response to the recent high rates of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Routine testing

From January, rapid-result tests will be provided to schools and colleges, starting with secondary schools and FE colleges, including special schools and alternative provision:

For every group, testing is voluntary, but those who are eligible for tests are strongly encouraged to participate to reduce the risk of transmission within schools and colleges.

In line with routine infection control practice, close contacts who decide not to be tested daily will need to self-isolate in line with guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Department for Education Guidance on asymptomatic testing in schools

We will be looking to recruit to the following voluntary and paid roles at Hayes School or within our Trust, for which we will provide training in the new year, on receipt of further guidance.

Job Role Description
Quality Lead Team Leader Responsible for the overall on-site operations at the test site, including day-to-day workforce management. Ensure quality assurance, incidents, risk mitigation across the testing service
Test Assistant Provides guidance and supervision to students on swabbing as required. Collects completed swabs and pass them to the Processing Operatives. Ensures cleaning of swabbing bays.
Processor Prepares test sample for analysis, conducts processing of LFT and interprets results. Provides results to the Results Recorder. Ensures cleaning of processing bays.
Covid-19 Co-ordinator Signs off and schedules testing activities; ensuring communication and consents are actioned; management of positive cases as per school guidelines
Registration Assistant Responsible for ensuring students have registered and distributing test kits on arrival. Ensures orderly entry of students on the testing site
Results Recorder Collates results from Processors Operatives and uploads to digital solution
Cleaning Cleans the testing bays and ensures waste is correctly disposed of, including working with clinical waste provider to dispose of clinical waste

If you would like to register interest in one of these roles and to receive additional information when this becomes available, please complete the form below.

Thank you in advance for your support and interest
Mr Whittle, Principal

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