Home Learning

This page holds resources, correspondence and guidance related to our home learning provision in the following instances:

1) For individual students and groups of students self-isolating at home
2) For whole classes, bubbles or year groups in the event that they are working from home 
3) For the whole school during a period of school closure

Students will be set classwork and homework via Satchel One (Show My Homework) following their normal school timetable.
In the event of closure for a whole class bubble, year group bubble or full school closure, we will introduce a live lesson timetable alongside work in Satchel One.

Please note: It is not possible to deliver live lessons alongside face-to-face lessons in school where only a small or relatively small number of students are self-isolating at home.

This video below was produced prior to the national lockdown in March, in which Mr Whittle shares advice to students about working independently from home. 

A student guide to learning from home (January 2021)

Tutorial and Personal Development Activities

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Please click on the links below to access the latest information relevant to your child's year group.
Where live lessons are in operation within the year group this will be shown by the year group being 'on air or 'live.'

Y7 off air Y8 off air y9 off air y10 off air
y11 off air y12 off air y13 off air  

If you or your child needs support with accessing any of the IT applications or their school account from home, please contact

Information for students, parents/carers:

A parent/carer guide to home learning when my child is self-isolating 
A parent/carer guide to remote learning (during school closure)
A student guide to remote learning (during school closure)

Remote Education Information (Policy) for Students, Parents and Carers


Useful links:

Satchel One
Oak National Academy

Seneca Learning


BBC Bitesize


Letter to students re: remote learning (4 Jan 2021
Remote Learning Policy
Student Protocols for Microsoft Teams
A student guide to Microsoft Teams
Keeping your child safe online
Office 365 - Student Guide to e-mail and VLE
Department Links for Distance Learning