Qualifications - Summer 2021

This video was produced and shared with students and parents on 30th March 2021 following the publication of detailed guidance from Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).
It provides information on the process of teacher assessment, results days and appeals.

On 6 January 2021, the government confirmed that in summer 2021, students taking GCSE, AS, A levels and other vocational qualifications regulated by Ofqual, should be awarded grades based on an assessment by their teachers.

A two-week consultation was carried out to seek views on how best to provide alternative arrangements to this year’s exams and the outcomes have informed guidance to schools, colleges and students.

This short video was produced and shared with students, parents and carers based on the consultation proposals.

Awarding Grades in Summer 2021 - Proposals (January 2021)

We will update this page regularly with information for students, parents and carers on the school's approach to assessments with key dates and will additionally share further information when we receive this from exam boards and other organisations.

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