Geography in the News

Coral reefs suffer as relentless hunt for shark fins takes its toll

Burning rubbish to generate electricity in Oslo.

California wildfire season 2013 costs $89 million to fight

Syrian refugee crisis builds as many camps now full

Ahead of the Stockholm conference, IPCC’s stark climate change warning 

Europe’s largest tidal turbine project to go ahead in Scotland 

Extreme flooding causes chaos and deaths in Colorado

Nigerian fishermen reject “derisory” compensation offer from Shell

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Global Trek is a great site if you’re traveling to another country, or if you just want to travel virtually and learn about other places and cultures.

Kids Geo is a fun, online geography textbook written for kids.

CIA World Factbook: The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been collecting and evaluating information on foreign countries since 1947. Now it is available to the world

Geography for Kids offers facts, games, quizzes, experiments, videos, images and more.

Class Clips - Geography looking for Geography? Stream video clips here.

National Geographic Kids is, of course, the go-to resource for all things geographic.

Interactive Atlas: an interactive atlas of Great Britain. Find the town or village you are interested in by clicking on a map or by typing in the name or postcode.