Geography Key Stage 3

Key stage 3 classes are taught a variety of topics which showcase and highlight some of the many and varied geography that our amazing planet holds. As students move through the course they develop key geographical skills which can be used on their next stage of learning. We think the world is amazing. We think our subject is amazing. We would like our students to agree and we teach lessons to encourage students to become more curious and engaged with the world around them. Geography is regularly the most popular GCSE option subject at Hayes School.

Year 7 - Map Skills, Exploring the Globe, Rivers and Flooding, Asia and Japan, Geographical Skills.

Year 8 – Biomes, Africa and Development, Coasts, Economic Activity and Tourism, Our Warming Planet, The Future of Food,

Year 9 – 7 Billion and Counting, Weather and Climate, Tectonics, Globalisation, Glacial Environments, Geographical Skills