Our Vision within the Media Arts department is to help our students to become active and critical audiences of the mass media. We want students to take responsibility for their Media consumption habits and help them to understand the effects of their choices. We also see the creative potential of the media and want to encourage Media Arts students to become active producers of Media texts. We do not subscribe to the narrow view that the Media is a dangerous thing.

For students that do opt to study Media Arts subjects at Hayes there are a range of potential pathways that one could follow. Anyone that completes an A-level qualification in Media or Film will have the opportunity to study further at University. There are a wide range of Media based courses at Universities across the country – ranging from more academic courses looking at Media Theory and the potential effects of the mass media on society; to more production based courses where students will develop creative skills to a professional standard. From studying a broad subject, such as Media Studies, students could then narrow down their focus at University and concentrate their study on one discipline for example Digital Media, Film Studies, TV Production, Screenwriting, etc.

Alternatively if University isn’t for you then studying Media Arts courses will provide a good grounding for going on into work within the Creative Industries. In particular the Applied Media qualification will give students the necessary skills for working as part of a Media Agency where research, pre-production, production and post-production skills will be needed.

Ultimately we also hope that having studied Media Arts at Hayes you will develop a passion for creating your own Media products and that this is something you will continue to pursue after you complete your studies.

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