Media Alumni


Studying Content Development and Production at Ravensbourne
I joined Hayes sixth form in 2008 and chose Media Studies on a bit of a whim. I saw it as an interesting opportunity to broaden my horizons whilst taking 3 sciences in a bid to become a scientist. 3 years later i am at arguably the most famous Media Specialist University in Europe, whilst working as a Junior Creative for one of the largest advertising companies in the world .... this is because of the quality of teaching in the Hayes Media Department.

Working on a variety of projects both practical and theoretical i was taught not how to pass exams but how to appreciate and develop ideas. This process of creative thinking whilst working towards broadcast standard goals gave me the tools necessary to be successful at university. It is not just a case of simply imparting facts to teach a student how to be creative. It is a process of teaching how to analise the creative process, appreciate and then execute it.

I cannot over estimate how much this department changed the way i think about the world around me. The quality of teaching is exceptional, the facilities are incredible and most importantly the course and the enthusiasm with which it is delivered is second to none.

You don't have to know what you want to be, but the Hayes Media Department will help you get there.


Studying at Hayes School and specifically within the Media and Film department, allowed me to refine my subject interests; and eventually directed me to studying Film Studies at Queen Mary University of London; a course which mixes practical aspects of Film, such as Production techniques from within the industry and Screenwriting as well as the academic routes and ideologies of artistry as a cultural means.

The Media and Film department’s teachers and assistants were of much support, regardless of the courses taught and their content, without their patience, support and friendly nature, I would have never considered becoming so involved with the department. And that is the beauty of Hayes School; it provides a broad variety of subjects, skilled staff and room for individual growth.

What I learnt through Film and Media Studies is superb in comparison to other students on my course, when I chose both subjects at the beginning of my A-Levels I was warned that there may be similarities between the two, and that they may not look ‘great’ on a University application. But that was not true.

Not only did the Film Studies A-Level cover a broad variety of film theory, history, and the basics of production skills; creating a core for my future studies. But also, Media Studies allowed me to understand marketing, the core ideology of Stars, the ‘digital age’ and particular media related theories; such as Postmodernism and Feminism. Together, these two subjects provided me a broad understanding of the studies of film related topics, which are not only re-covered in the first year of my Film Studies course, but are taught with the expectation that students already understand these various topics.

Luckily for me I never had to panic, or delve into a deep variety of analytical topics for reading like my peers; but rather allowed me to be a step ahead of everyone else, which made me noticeable and memorable from a crowd of a hundred students.

This, along with my experience of being a Film and Media Prefect at Hayes (which included helping run various clubs, learning how to use equipment, and running the film club) allowed me not only to be nominated for being the student representative, but also win it by a unanimous vote by my peers.

Hayes doesn’t only provide the much needed education and support for individual growth, but it also provides a variety of tasters of what students should expect at university. Furthermore, the experiences I had at Hayes provided great memories; and the much needed nudge in confidence to begin my pursuit in Film as a career.