MFL Curriculum

At Key Stage 3, most students learn French and German/Spanish in Year 7. Students will be allocated to the study of a second language according to their tutor group and will continue with both languages until the end of Year 8. They are then given the chance to carry on with both or specialise in one language in Year 9.

Language lessons cater for a variety of learning styles and encourage students to be actively engaged in a range of activities using a combination of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. As little English as possible is used in lessons in order to develop skills and understanding, and students are expected to respond in the language, as our MFL vision is for students ‘to become enthusiastic and confident communicators in a foreign language’.

Our digital language centre provides excellent opportunities for students to work with ICT. Digital language lessons are integrated into normal classroom practice from Year 9.
MFL is a key part of EBacc at Hayes. It is a core GCSE and students study one of French, German and Spanish, or two if they choose.

At Key Stage 5, students are required to show an active interest in the language and culture of study and will discuss a variety of contemporary social and moral issues in the foreign language. The use of authentic media (TV, radio, press, internet) plays a key role.