KS3 Music

At KS3 (years 7-9) students study music for one lesson a week. Whatever musical experience a student has had at primary school, we aim to build on this with an intensely practical course that includes singing, playing instruments such as keyboards, ukuleles, guitars, and drumkits; composing, improvising and arranging. All students learn to read conventional notation, chord boxes and tablature to enable them to perform a range of music.

Our KS3 provision broadens students’ musical horizons, and aims to give students the skills and knowledge they need to discover new styles and pursue the musical activities of their choosing.

Topics covered include the following:

Year 7: Melody, chords and bass line; singing technique and a cappella songs; instrumental skills on keyboard, guitar, ukulele, bass, and drums; playing by ear; pitch and rhythm notation, body percussion and improvising. There is an emphasis on acquiring practical musical skills that will be built upon throughout KS3

Year 8: Further work on instrumental and ensemble skills, singing, 12-bar blues, playing by ear, building an opera.

Year 9: More advanced band skills, songwriting, bhangra, salsa.