Governement and Politics


Hayes School Government and Politics department has a long established level of success. The department has two full-time staff, is well resourced and keeps pace with contemporary developments on major political issues. Students are encouraged to keep up to date with current political controversies and participate in class debate
Students are provided with a substantial program of enrichment to support their studies at AS. In the past this has included guest speakers such as Bob Neill MP, Jacqui Lait MP, Colonel Bob Stewart MP and Lord Ouseley. There are also opportunities for students to visit the Houses of Parliament as a supplement for the AS course and for them to go to Brussels alongside their A2 course. In May 2015 AS students were also given the opportunity to help organise and participate in a mock election in school. We very much intend to continue this tradition of extra-curricular opportunities for students to engage in Government and Politics.


Sarah Arney has been head of Government and Politics since June 2008. She has been Head of Social Sciences since September 2012 and Assistant Headteacher since September 2015.
Charlie Deakin joined the Government and Politics Department in September 2016.