Overview of Department

Sociology at Hayes School is a consistently popular choice of subject at both GCSE and A Level. It focuses on studying societies; how they work and change, in a systematic and objective way. It enables pupils and students to understand how societies shape people's ideas and behaviour and how, in turn, people interact and shape their own societies. It deals with contemporary social concerns that influence everyone's lives in some way such as crime and deviance, family life and social inequality.

Summary of Curriculum

At both GCSE and A level students will study a variety of different units. At GCSE they will study: Studying Society, Families and Households, Education, Mass Media, Crime and Deviance and Social Inequality. At A level students study Families and Households, Education, Research Methods, Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance and Theory with Methods.

Introduction to Department Staff

Sociology is taught by Mr Harvey (Head of Sociology), Miss Hitar and Mrs Hayes.