Bromley Youth Council

Bromley Youth Council is an organisation run by young people for young people that works to achieve positive change in the borough. Youth Councillors meet once a week to work on campaigns and have an additional meeting once a month to minute progress. Being a part of the Bromley Youth Council is an incredible experience to learn new skills, make a difference and meet new people.
On Wednesday the 31st January the biannual Bromley Youth Council elections were held, this was a fantastic experience for all involved. Those that stood for election ran campaigns to encourage their peers to vote for them; speaking in assemblies and producing posters. Librarians were trained as polling clerks to ensure the day ran smoothly and what a great job they did! The best part of the election process is that everyone has the opportunity to take part in an electoral process which is a brilliant insight to prepare for the future. It was amazing to see so many people involved and engaged with the event.
Congratulations to all the candidates and particularly to the winners: Ellen Thom and Roan Sabour, I look forward to working with you on the Bromley Youth Council.
Katie Bacon 13SER, Bromley Youth Council Chair