London Insurance Market Insight Event

A group of 6th Form students visited one of London’s iconic buildings, where they were given a taste and overview of the insurance market industry. During the half day event students learnt about the various responsibilities of individual employees, from underwriters and brokers, to risk managers and claims handlers. They found out how their individual jobs were vital for the success of the business. The fun part of the day was when the students, competing in teams, played a board game based on how they would judge different risky situations.

london insurance marketing 1  It was great to see some of the students being good risk takers and having a clear idea of when to take risks. The       competition was won by 5 of our students – congratulations to Elliott, Louis, Keeley, Sophie and Lauren (pictured     above). The students commented at the end of the day they were more aware of the many opportunities available in   the insurance environment than they had known about and found the day to be enlightening and a very positive and   invaluable learning experience.