Careers Information

Hayes School is committed to promoting high quality careers education and guidance as an integral part of every student’s education. The Careers Education and Guidance Programme is an important means of motivating students to raise aspirations and attainments. Hayes School believes that all students have a formal entitlement to a Careers Education and Guidance Programme which will encourage them to see careers development as a life long process.

A planned programme of activities will help students choose 14-19 pathways that are appropriate for them and to gain the basic knowledge and skills to begin to navigate their way successfully through career choices and changes and sustain employability throughout their lives. Working in conjunction with teachers, Careers Bromley, independent and impartial careers advisers, parents, representatives from local industry and other partners, the school aims to give all students in Years 7 to 13 access to careers information and impartial guidance and committed to providing a high quality planned Careers Education and Guidance Programme.

The guidance notes and documents stored below will be of use to students, parents and employers.


Your qualifications are only part of what you have to offer education and training providers and employers. Most will also want to know about your wider experiences and how they have influenced your personal development and your career choices.

It is government policy that all students should be entitled to a period of work experience before the end of their compulsory period of full-time education. The DfES recommendation is that this can be up to two weeks. It is an immensely valuable part of Hayes students’ education giving them an insight into the World of Work. Placements offer many benefits and learning opportunities.

Work Experience Information for 2020
Work Experience Preference Form
Sample Letter to Employers
CV Template for Work Experience
Work Experience Placement Form
Learning to Work
Useful Careers Websites