The Endeavour Award

Our students take part in a wide range of activities both in and out of school giving back to the school and local community. We want to recognise and celebrate these achievements and support students in undertaking activities which develop them personally alongside their academics.

The Endeavour Award is designed to encompass this and enhance the Sixth Forms personal development offering, whilst giving students the necessary soft skills needed to be successful in the future.

The award is a colours system as follows:

- 1/4 Colours – Recognising student support/effort within one area of the school

- 1/2 Colours – Recognising student support/effort across the school

- Full Colours – Recognising student support/effort outside of school in the wider Hayes Community.

Each stage of the award has an example of activities that students may wish to take part in within in order to achieve the award. These are suggested activities, but students can provide their own activities which would need to be approved by the 6th Form Team. The activities that are suggested for each stage are designed to encompass the Hayes Learner Attributes, as are the transition points to achieve each stage of the award. Please see below:

Endeavour awards

All students start at 1/4 Colours and work their way up through three transition points to claim their award. The transitions for each of the awards are listed below:

· 1/4 Colours – 500 word reflective writing piece showing the learning of the student whilst undertaking the award.

· 1/2 Colours – a talk delivered to ‘Aspiring to Sixth Form’ students in Year 11 and 10 who may be on track to fall short of entry criteria, discussing the award and what the student has done along with mentoring them to improve their attainment.

· Full Colours – A presentation followed by Q&A to SLT and School Governor.

Transition windows are open for the last two weeks at the end of each term.