Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020 - Wednesday 22nd April

Earth Day
Wednesday 22nd April is Earth Day and we are celebrating this in school with our students.

Some facts about Earth Day

What are we asking students to do?

We are working with the World Class Schools network to #BeCreative (details below)

Students should:

1. Look at the digital lesson on Earth Day available here
2. Consider the actions they do, big or small, at home and in school to look after our planet

Students are asked to:

#BeCreative to get the message out on Earth Day about the importance of global action to protect our planet. 

Students could:

* Create a comic strip/animation that tells a story about the impact of climate change and perhaps what is going to happen if these changes aren’t made
* Create a campaign to target your school community, persuading students to make changes
* Create a podcast/video where you talk about the effects of climate change on the planet and the population, persuading viewers to make better choices
* Design/create a leaflet that explains each of the R’s (find out about these in the online lesson) and gives examples of what people can do to follow these.
* Create a catchy song or write a poem about protecting the environment and threats to our planet
* Draw a picture or create a poster about responsible and environmentally friendly travel and transport to work and school

Creativity is there to be shared and we ask students to share their work with us in one of the following ways:

via Twitter - include #BeCreative @HayesSecondary and @WCSQM
via e-mail - send your creativity to 

World Class Schools - Be Creative