School Council

Working for Hayes

Welcome to the Hayes School Council site. In each section you can find out about different issues and topics that we have discussed recently and find out how to get your views across. Remember that you can talk to your Year Reps about any views you have as well because everyone is a part of the school council.

Aliyah Majeed - School Council Chair

School Council Aims

The aims of the school council are:

- to help everyone improve their learning and, as a consequence, their academic success and progress;

- to represent the student body and ensure all voices are heard;

- to communicate effectively with SLT, teachers, governors and the business manager, to share this information with year councils and to make realistic requests;

- to improve the school for students, teachers and the community;

- to develop and enhance the school’s reputation;

- to maintain all aspects of school that are already successful.



  1. To provide a student input into teaching and learning e.g. marking and feedback
  2. To encourage students and staff to make Hayes a more eco-friendly school
  3. To investigate with the SLT, the management of student areas particularly at break and lunchtime

The School Council will support this aim through the following Objectives:

Exceptional Achievement for all students:

Exceptional Teaching and Learning:

Exceptional Behaviour within a Safe Learning Environment:

Exceptional Leadership: