The Hayes Way

Hayes School’s vision is to have uncompromising aspirations for every individual and to be an exceptional and inspirational community of lifelong learners.

The Governors and Staff Recognise that:

These aims will be achieved through our international work in all curriculum areas, extra curricular activities and partner projects with other countries.


At Hayes, students are expected to follow the Hayes way in everything they do in and outside of school. Students complete a comprehensive programme of ACTIVE study in tutor groups each week where themes of social, moral, cultral and spiritual development are explored.

Hayes Way

ACTIVE at Hayes


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Hayes is committed to working with other schools internationally to share good practice and provide opportunities for colleagues and students to learn about other cultures. This has led to us being consistently accredited with the Bitish Council International Award.

The school has international links with a number of schools including:

  1. The Ivy League Academy (India)
  2. Hillgrove School (Singapore)
  3. Yucia School (China)
  4. Pabna Collectorate Public School and College (Bangladesh).
  5. Partners within the Dutch bilingual project (Holland).
  6. Ibadan International School (Nigeria).

Every year we have student exchanges and colleagues from Hayes visit one of these schools to share good teaching and learning practice. Despite the restrictions caused by the Coronavirus, we were still able to host 3 digital, international exchanges.
If you are a school outside the UK looking to form a partnership, we would love to hear from you!