Student Leadership

Welcome to Hayes School's student leadership page, here you can find everything you need to know about current events and opportunities for leadership at Hayes!

The core purpose of student leadership at Hayes is:

To represent the collective and diverse voice of our student body to support and drive the positive development of our school community.


Our Student Leadership Motto

"Excellence through Everyone"

As a student leadership group we decided out motto is "Excellence through Everyone", to represent how as a collective at Hayes School we are not only excellent people but also strive for excellence. The student leaders show dedication, resilience and commitment to the student council and are a key force of change in the school!


About our Student Leadership Opportunities

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Over the last two years, we have been working on a new model for student leadership, focusing on action, positive change and providing as many opportunities as possible for students to engage in leadership that has a meaning to them. We believe that everyone is a leader and has the opportunity to affect change in our school community. As a result the new model for student leadership is built on the following:

Each tutor group elects:

  • 2 Form Captains - Form Captains play an important role in representing the perspectives of your form at Year Council, which is chaired by your Year Captain and ACo. Form Captains ensure that your feedback and ideas make it to Student Council, chaired by the head prefects and senior leadership team.
  • 1 Sports Representative - This leader will be an ambassador for sport and will work closely with the PE department.
  • 1 Charity Representative - This leader will be driven by making a difference. They will work closely with their ACo and the Senior Leadership Team in raising money for charity through events and supporting links within our community.

Each year group elects:

  • 2 House Representatives per house (8 students in total)
  • 2 Year Council reps (chosen from the 16 Form Captains)
  • 3-4 Student Representatives to sit on every student leadership group below:

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

ECOH Champions

Wellbeing Champions

Communications Ambassadors

Student Pride Group

Teaching, Learning & Curriculum Ambassadors

Equality and Diversity Committee 

Personal Development Committee

Student Enrichment Ambassadors

E Safety Champions - New for 23-24

Careers Leader - New for 23-24

Every group has their own agenda for change, which they will work on throughout the year.  In student council meetings, a representative of each student leadership group will feedback to head prefects what their group has achieved and if they need any support or help from the student council in order to facilitate their goals. Alongside the student leadership groups, Year Council representatives will come to the meeting to express concerns and ideas as collected from their year group from year council meetings.

Here you can find regular updates from the Head Prefects and can also click on the Student Leadership padlets to see updates from each to the Student Leadership groups and celebrate their achievements so far.

You said...We Did - 2021-2022:

2021-22 You said… …we did…

  • Leadership Assembly October 2022


    • Change Maker Award Launch Assembly November 2022


    • Student Council Feedback January 2023
      • Year 7


      • Year 8

      • Year 9

      • Year 10

      • Year 11

      • Year 12

      • Year 13

      • Opportunity Assembly February 2023


      • Student Leadership Launch 23-24

Joining the student leadership team provides opportunities for you to become actively involved in decision making, take on leadership roles, work collaboratively with others to sustain and make a difference in developing our exceptional and inspirational community of lifelong learners.

There are so many opportunities to get involved in student leadership which not only benefits academic study but helps teach valuable transferable skills as shown in the Hayes Learner.  For example, learning vital skills of communication through presenting to student council any ideas and changes, skills of independence from organising yourself and a group, and team player skills learnt from working with a group to facilitate positive change.

You can learn all of these skills by joining the student leadership groups!

Still not convinced? We spoke to some of our fab student leaders, here’s what they have to say:

“Student leadership has increased my confidence in speaking to SLT and allowed me to feel more listened to and valuable within Hayes community. Being involved in the equality and diversity group has encouraged me to talk about issues I care about to the wider audience and open theme up to future leadership roles within the student leadership team.”  Equality and Diversity representative


“Being the Year 7 year captain has been one of the best experiences I’ve had so far at Hayes. I feel that being on the student leadership team has helped me develop as both a leader and as a team player. Being the voice of Year 7 is a true privilege which I hope to continue as well as preparing for future rolls around the school.”  Year 7 Year captain


“I am the Year 9 year captain and it’s one of the best opportunities at Hayes. I would really encourage everyone to take part in these roles. I have really enjoyed sharing the voice of other students and have loved contributing to creating Hayes as a happy and comfortable place for everyone. This leadership role has helped to strengthen my skills as a team player. I hope to be able to be part of the student leadership team for the rest of my journey at Hayes.”  Year 9 Year captain

Sign up for a student leadership group today with your form tutor, or come along to one of our meetings held each term.

We would love to encourage everyone to join a student leadership group, it’s such a great opportunity to help improve the school community you are part of and a great way to develop your own skills too (like those on the Hayes learner!) We are open and accommodating to new ideas, so if you can’t see anything you would like to join, or have an idea of a group you would like to represent please let us know and we can set it up!

What Qualities are we looking for? Student leaders will be:

  • Organised
  • Good listeners
  • Able to explain things clearly
  • Able to give positive, constructive feedback
  • Willing to develop an understanding of chosen subjects
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Keen to develop research skills
  • Determined and passionate about development
  • Able to work effectively as part of a team

A levelled Key Stage 3 leadership award system has been introduced to recognise student contributions to the school community and their development and understanding of leadership skills. Every student is encouraged to participate in the award with the Leadership Passport below appearing in their student planner for ease of access and sign off.


Key Stage 3 Award Launch 2023-2024

In 2022-23 we introduced Leadership Training for all students involved in student leadership which uses nationally recognised resources from the Pixl LORIC strategy and focuses on the development, understanding of and demonstration of leadership skills underpinned by the Hayes Learner attributes.

It is our am to put students in the driving seat of their leadership development. Leadership Training takes place each term and is built on year by year. Topics and themes for training can be seen below:


A Snapshot of Year 7 Student Leadership Training in November 2022

Student Leadership Beyond Hayes

Bromley Youth Council Manifesto Event - April 2023










Visit to Houses of Parliament and Department for Education - September 2023