Pastoral Care

Positive behaviour and high self-esteem promote effective learning. Pastoral care at Hayes School aims to support our students such that they are able to achieve their potential in all aspects of their school career.

We work together to ensure that all students at Hayes School are able to be safe, happy and successful.


The Tutorial Programme in all years aims to:

"Raise students' confidence, and help them to develop interpersonal skills, social skills and communication skills in preparation for adult life."

Students register with their tutor group at the start and end of the day. The Form Tutor is the first point of contact for students and parents. Form Tutors are supported by Achievement Coordinators who have overall responsibility for the year group.




  • Assistant Principal (Sixth Form) - Mr A Allred
  • Sixth Form Director - Mrs K Moulton Brady
  • Sixth Form Director - Miss A Horsler



  • Year 11 Achievement Co-ordinator - Mr C Steel
  • Assistant Achievement Co-ordinator - Mrs V Duggan
  • Assistant Principal - Miss M Toner



  • Year 10 Achievement Co-ordinator - Mr J Brockman
  • Assistant Achievement Co-ordinator - Mrs V Duggan
  • Assistant Principal - Mr D Hazlehurst 



  • Year 9 Achievement Co-ordinator - Mr M Mitchell
  • Assistant Principal - Mr T Goodman



  • Year 8 Achievement Co-ordinator - Ms A Williamson
  • Assistant Principal - Mr D Loomes



  • Year 7 Achievement Co-ordinator - Miss S Stoeva
  • Assistant Principal - Mrs C Wotton & Mrs S Arney


Pastoral Support Managers - Mr C Steel and Mrs D Parish

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) - Mrs P Aliwell

Assistant SENCO - Mrs G Leng

Learning Mentor - Mrs N Jackson

Sixth Form Learning Mentor - Mrs E McNamara

Careers Leader - Mrs C Stewart

Oxbridge & Russell Group Co-ordinator - Mr J Stephens

Inclusion Support Assistant - Ms C Stone

Inclusion Support Assistant - Mrs R Wisbey