Working at Hayes

We look forward to welcoming new, newly qualified and experienced teachers and associate (support) staff to Hayes to join a skilled and committed team on our mission to deliver outstanding education, pastoral care, support and guidance to all our students. We are an ambitious school with high aspirations and expectations of our students and a commitment to lifelong learning, which is shared by students and staff.

Whilst we want our students to leave us after seven years as better learners and young people, we also believe that our teachers are better teachers for having worked at Hayes and having benefited from working in a supportive and collaborative learning community, which is committed to professional development. Opportunities are available for all staff to develop, take on responsibility and lead staff and students.

We can offer:

  • Motivated students with outstanding attitudes to learning.
  • Outstanding student behaviour.
  • Excellent facilities for staff.
  • An excellent induction and support programme for new staff.
  • Recognised in-house leadership and teacher development programmes.
  • Opportunities to work with other schools through established partnerships.
  • A friendly working environment
  • An on-site fitness suite available for free use by staff
  • An employee assistance programme and cycle to work scheme
  • Innovative approach to Teacher Professional Growth
  • A commitment to staff wellbeing 

Wellbeing Charter
Teacher Professional Growth

We provide continuous professional development through Training Days, twilight and bespoke training sessions, which reflect the aims of the School Development Plan as well as the needs of the individual. New staff and those new to role receive a comprehensive induction programme. We are committed to supporting colleagues to develop through all stages of their career and there are opportunities for teaching and associate staff to work in partnership with and learn from other schools through our extensive and established networks.

The staff profiles below are aimed to provide you with a greater insight into working at Hayes School from the perspective of a range of our teaching and associate staff members. Please click on the links below to find out more about working at the school from those who work with our students and colleagues.

I hope you will feel that Hayes School is a school which is aligned with your personal values. I am certain that you would find working with our wonderful students and colleagues both enjoyable and rewarding.

Hayes School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment

Should you require further information or wish to visit the school before considering a role at Hayes please do not hesitate to contact us.

Steve Whittle, Principal 

Mr S Addison
Head of Politics

Mr S Addison

I feel like I had a really encouraging start as a Teacher of History at Hayes School. All of the staff at the school were naturally welcoming and the positive attitude of the students has made it motivating and inspiring.

I first visited the school to take part in a Bromley schools’ networking event to discuss and problem-solve issues arising from the new A-Level specifications. I was struck then at how the school displays reflected the Hayes ethos in celebrating students’ achievements and it seemed like an extremely positive and rewarding place in which to work. Later, when I toured the school as part of an interview, this was confirmed as the students I spoke to showed a great level of pride in their school and in their work. This, combined with the organisation and effective set up of whole-school procedures, makes Hayes School both a fulfilling and straight forward place at which to work, allowing teachers to focus on teaching and learning.

In fact, since starting at Hayes, it has been clear that Teaching and Learning is at the very heart of everything at the school. I feel very supported here at Hayes, especially in developing teaching and learning practice. Regular CPD sessions are targeted and driven by the needs of the individual. A whole school Lesson Study programme helps to ensure that teachers are constantly striving to develop their practice in the best interests of the students. This results in an extremely collaborative and reflective work environment in which the main beneficiaries are the students, but with clear benefits for workload and development of teachers, as well.

The students at Hayes are an absolute joy to work with. Working with children will always be an enjoyable experience, but working with students that are proactive, marvellously polite, well-mannered, and with high goals, is a really exceptional experience.

Miss A Horsler
Sixth Form Director

Miss A Horsler

I really enjoy working at Hayes and I have found that throughout the time I have worked here I have really pushed myself to be the best teacher and leader I can be. Everyone is very committed and enthusiastic and there is a lot of support if you need it. There is a vast CPD calendar that staff are offered and it is awesome to assess your own needs and then go to the relevant courses to address these.

One of the key highlights of the school has to be the students. They are incredibly dedicated and hardworking and are always pushing themselves to do their best. It is always very rewarding to see the progression of students and the enjoyment they take in your lessons. They are polite, friendly, willing to learn, quick witted and make me happy to go to work on a Monday!

Besides the obvious reasons, one of the highlights of working at Hayes is celebrating the other departments. I have never worked in a school with a more creative and impressive Drama department; several years ago they staged Les Misérables, a production which would have given the West End a run for its money (I brought my whole family to watch it). I am blown away by the creativeness and achievements displayed in the end of year exhibitions in the Art, Design and Technology Departments. During Science week you get to see chickens hatch and rockets being launched. Sport at the school is also on another level and you can watch or be involved in whatever sport your heart desires. We currently have the best Rugby team ever and watching them is exciting and invigorating!

I have already mentioned the opportunities for staff in helping out with clubs but there are a lot of other aspects to get involved in. Last year I was part of the coaching programme and not only was I able to improve the way I run my department, but also knew I was equipped with the tools to do so. There are also many school trips and exciting international opportunities available. 

Hayes School is the kind of school you wished you could have attended as a child. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

Miss K Juji
Head of French

Miss K Juji

I am now in my eight year of working at Hayes and still enjoy it as much as I did when I joined. The ethos of the school stood out to me before working here and since joining, I have had many opportunities to develop my teaching and leadership skills. I feel lucky to work with colleagues who are supportive, uncompromising in their aspirations of students, and passionate. You really feel part of a team with the same goals and will always find support if you need it. The coaching programme for staff is just one example of this.

Hayes School would not be what it is without the students we have. They are kind, hardworking and curious to learn about the world. They make the most of the array of extra-curricular opportunities on offer to them and take on leadership roles right from Year 7. The achievements of both students and staff are endless and I am proud to be a part of Hayes School.

Mr C Moore
Director of Sport

Mr C Moore

I have really enjoyed my time at Hayes. The ethos of the school and approach to teaching and learning really appealed to me when initially applying for a PE teaching position. When I first visited the school I really got the sense that PE was valued and was impressed with the sense of “community” that was apparent when walking around. Staff at Hayes feel valued, empowered and supported both through the line management structure and the recognition of teaching demands through the Staff Wellbeing Forum.

Hayes has a fantastic reputation, locally, nationally and internationally. Hayes students are engaged, independent learners who apply themselves well in lessons. This is no more so evident than in PE lessons. My department teach a broad and balanced curriculum where students have the ability to excel and achieve, not just in the physical capacity but also through cognitive development and understanding. The introduction of American Football, Archery and Squash clubs enable those students who do not regularly participate in clubs to develop their skills set through alternative enrichment opportunities. We are also grateful for the support given by teachers outside of the department in taking sports fixtures and training sessions, another example of how we work together to produce positive outcomes and provide opportunities for students.

One of the real strengths of the school are the support mechanisms and development opportunities that are available to staff. I never would have thought that in the space of five years I would be Head of PE, Lead Teacher, a fully accredited Specialist Leader of Education, Lead Subject Mentor for Bromley Schools’ Collegiate and an experienced coach. I really feel that the opportunities provided to me show the school’s willingness to develop staff outside of their own subject areas. These opportunities have allowed me to develop my practice above and beyond what I thought was possible.

I would strongly recommend the school to prospective teachers. “Excellence through Endeavour” is not just a motto confined to the badge of the school. It is embedded and underpins our everyday teaching approach, allowing teachers and students to strive to be the best that they can be, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr A Robertson
DT Technician

Mr A Robertson

Working at Hayes has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Having spent most of my working life in industry, I was a little apprehensive about working in a school. However, the transition went very smoothly, due in no small part to the guidance I have received from everyone.

Working with the dedicated and supportive staff has enabled me to rapidly assimilate the necessary processes. I feel privileged to be working alongside such consummate professionals who have made me feel welcome from the outset.

Hayes students are polite, positive and confident individuals, reinforcing the enviable reputation the school enjoys within the local and wider community. There is a real sense of goal congruence here at Hayes - imparting knowledge whilst sharing in the delight of student achievement is very rewarding.

In summary, it has been a positive move into a friendly and professional environment where the staff and students alike have a thirst for knowledge and the opportunity of advancement.

Miss C Tyler
English Teacher

Miss C Tyler

Since beginning at Hayes nine years ago, I can honestly say that I have never worked with such enthusiastic colleagues and students. Hayes is uncompromising in its expectations and, as a result, students learn and achieve in a safe and encouraging environment. The policies and pastoral support in place at Hayes ensure that every child truly matters. What is perhaps more inspiring however is the fact that the students themselves show a willingness to learn and a desire to support each other. This level of respect and care is equally modelled by the staff at Hayes. I will never forget the card I received after accepting my post. Handwritten by the Headteacher, the card welcomed me to the school and encouraged me to visit and become familiar with my department before starting in September. It was this personal approach that meant I immediately felt part of a team, easing me into a new school environment.

Hayes School differs from other schools because of its relentless drive on developing its students beyond the classroom. Being a tutor at Hayes has meant that I have seen the variety of extra-curricular activities available to all. Whether it be trips abroad, music lessons, charity work or sports, every pupil at the school is given the chance to fulfil their potential and experience places they may not have without these opportunities. What’s more, I am genuinely astounded at the students’ desires to contribute to their school and their broader community. For example, the school’s mentoring initiative allows individuals to help their peers understand subjects in a way that is non-intrusive and relatable.

Beyond this, I have been most impressed with the personal development at Hayes. Teachers at Hayes are life-long learners: staff are passionate about their subject areas and are relentless in their pursuit of further training to better their own practice. This is a mentality that Hayes has helped to foster through its CPD programme, as well as through the school’s local and international links with educators. In the short time I have worked at Hayes, I have completed the ‘Outstanding Teacher Programme’ which has both benefitted my own teaching and my ability to lead others. I have also taken on greater responsibility in my own department as well as mentoring trainee teachers.

I am a far better teacher for having joined Hayes.