School History

Hayes School has an excellent reputation built on sound principles of education, traditional values and good relationships. We aim to build on these to make Hayes an even better school in the 21st century. Hayes School developed from the parish school of 1791, but its separate existence as a secondary school began in Gadsden, an imposing Victorian mansion, in 1956. The first students were all boys, but under the first Headmaster, Mr R.W. Bigg, the school was expanded and girls were admitted. We believe that being a co-educational school is an essential element of education for life.

Under Dr. J.S. Leeming further expansion and developments took place and the school's reputation for quality was firmly established. In 1990 Mr J.R. Catmull was appointed Headmaster. Curricular enhancements and new technology were introduced and the school moved towards self government. In January 1992 the school became Grant Maintained and a new phase of building and expansion allowed the school to expand to 240 student entry. The success of the Sixth Form has also seen the roll increase to 400 students.

In 2002 Hayes School was awarded Media Arts Specialist School Status, which brought extra resources and facilities (especially ICT) in to the school and helped open up new and innovative ways of teaching and learning in the class. In September 2004 Mr K J Osborne joined the school as Headteacher and in March 2011 and June 2013 the school was judged to be outstanding by OFSTED. In April 2011 Hayes School, in common with many other local secondary schools, became an academy giving the school greater freedoms and independence from the local authority. Mr S J Whittle became the Principal in September 2016. The school formed a multi-academy trust, Impact Multi Academy Trust with the neighbouring Ravens Wood School in April 2017 and the Trust merged with Langley Park Learning Trust (comprising Clare House Primary School, Hawes Down Primary School, Langley Park Primary School, Langley Park Girls' School and Langley Park School for Boys) in September 2022. This new trust of seven schools serves the same local community and is committed to working in partnership in support of the continued development of each school for the students and families they serve.

Throughout its history and continuing today Hayes School promotes traditional values. We encourage our students to prize honesty, personal responsibility, integrity and self-reliance. We expect pupils to show care, tolerance and respect for others. Such values underpin our requirements for students to behave reasonably and sensibly at all times. We attach importance to high standards of personal appearance, regular punctual attendance and courtesy and consideration to members of staff and to each other.

The school celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2016. Our 60th anniversary production of Les Misérables showcased the extraordinary skills and commitment of students and staff and we welcomed former students back to the school with our school reunion, Reunite @ Hayes and Hazefest music festival.

A Grand Reunion took place in July 2022, at which a number of former staff members and students came together to reminisce about their time at the school.


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