At Hayes School Sixth Form we believe that additional extra curricular activities help to provide a truly rounded experience for our students and help them to stand out in a highly competitive market post study. This we firmly feel creates a students ‘Personal USP’ and helps them to become life long learners.

Every year we put on a number of events, both fun and serious, with the express intention of ensuring our students are constantly reminded why Hayes School is the right place for them to complete their Key Stage 5 studies.

Here are just some examples of the extra activities you could be involved in.



Each subject area seeks to offer activities beyond the classroom to help enrich a student’s experience of their learning. As a Maths student you might take part in the UKMT challenge, take part in a Trading competition as a Business / Economics student, roam the woods as a Zombie as part of the Media department’s annual Zombie Film Making trip, travel to Europe as a languages student, visit galleries in support of Art and Textiles work…. The additional opportunities on offer are endless!



These change from year to year but over the last two years we have hosted fancy dress parties, gig nights, quiz nights, Christmas concerts, awards nights as well as the always-anticipated formal Prom at the end of Year 13. Again, students always respond well to these events and they play a huge part in strengthening the community bond across both year groups and helping us raise money for the Sixth Form Charity.



We are delighted to have a fully-equipped gym, which is exclusively for sixth form use at certain times. The gym holds many free weights, larger barbells and cardio-equipment.

Senior Sport is taken very seriously at Hayes School. There is wide variety of sport available to Sixth Form students, with guidance from highly qualified staff and some internationally recognised sports coaches. Our specialist sports include Netball, Football (Girls and Boys), Rugby (Girls and Boys), and an established Basketball academy, which started in September 2015. The school has partnerships with Ealing Trail Finders and a newly formed relationship with Saracens – both of which benefit the highly successful Rugby teams. Training in many sports is twice a week with matches being played during the week and often at the weekend. Some sports such as Basketball and Rugby require students to train in a morning as well. The school competes in local, county and National Competitions and is recognised as a powerful senior sport school in Kent and across the South of England.



In tandem with the Sixth Form’s sporting achievements we are also constantly stunned by the creativity of our students. Whether it is in drama productions or in music performances it is clear that Hayes School is an excellent place to nurture such talent. Students of all abilities take part in regular music concerts, the main school show and even Hayes’ very own summer music festival, Hazefest, which takes place on the school site. Find out more here.