The English department at Hayes School is an enthusiastic and friendly team of ten full-time and three part-time teachers with a track record of excellent and continually improving exam results. Our vision is to make English creative, challenging and inspiring so that every student enjoys the subject and appreciates its value in the wider world. We aim to develop lifelong learners who can think independently, communicate confidently and take risks in order to succeed. We therefore have an honourable tradition of producing students who value the joys of the written and spoken word. We encourage pupils to discuss literature and our ethos has produced individuals who see reading as a lifetime's pleasure and are imbued with an intellectual curiosity that will remain with them long after they leave Hayes.

Our student-centred approach to learning places a focus on independence, confidence, communication and skills-based learning in lessons. As a department, we endeavour to foster a love of the subject as well as a passion for reading through the enthusiasm of our teachers, the quality of teaching and learning, enrichment activities such as clubs (including debating, reading and creative writing) and visits from inspirational writers and performers.

The English department has a high profile at Hayes School, which is partly due to the consistently good results that have been obtained in external examinations. The 240 students at KS4 take both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature; last year, 84% achieved Grades 4-9 and 75% achieved Grades 5-9. A large cohort of students select to take A level English Literature or Language and Literature in the Sixth Form and many students go on to study the subject at university. The school is proud of the results in this area and is keen to maintain this success.

The department follow the AQA specification at GCSE and the Edexcel/Pearson specification at A-Level.

Hayes is a National Teaching School and therefore there are many opportunities for all of us to develop and improve our teaching. The majority of teachers in the department have taken part in the Outstanding Teacher Programme which the school runs.
Hayes is also a member of Challenge Partners, a large national network of over 300 schools who collaborate, challenge and support each other through a process of annual peer reviews. The English department has been recognised as an area of excellence on account of our consistently high results, strong teaching and the students’ enjoyment and engagement with English.

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Reading and active use of our library is encouraged and supported Public Speaking opportunities and competitions