Year 11 Revision Timetables (2024)

Our teachers and Heads of Department have produced the following weekly revision timetables for each subject to help students with the following:

  • Deciding what to revise and when
  • Knowing how they can revise and what activities, resources link to each topic
  • Covering as much of the course as possible
  • Staying on track with their revision

We will be supporting students in school with tips and tricks to help them revise and there will be in-school sessions taking place and mentoring for some groups of students.







We are and will be with you every step of the way during the coming months.

Revise like a pro (part 1) - the testing effect


Revise like a pro (part 2) - retrieval and practice


Revise like a pro (part 3) - metacognition and feedback


Revise like a pro (part 4) - diagnosis, therapy and testing


Revise like a pro (part 5) - positive mental attitude


Revise like a pro (part 6) - the last lap


Revise like a pro (part 7) - delivering on exam day